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Face Rollers, At-Home Microneedling + My Review of the Derma Roller System [PLUS A PROMO CODE & GIVEAWAY]

Face Rollers, At-Home Microneedling + My Review of the Derma Roller System [PLUS A PROMO CODE & GIVEAWAY]

If you aren’t using a face roller your skincare game is lagging. I’ve mentioned these a lot, but I’ll say it again: face rollers are a skincare game changer and I think everyone should use one. I got my beloved HD Skin Cool Ice Roller on Amazon about four years ago, and have been using it religiously ever since. I keep mine in the freezer and after I wash my face - morning and night - I set a timer for two minutes and then literally just roll the shit out of my face. The cold temperature is amazing for swelling, bloating or morning puffiness, and if you have cystic acne or blemishes it can reduce redness/swelling and also close your pores and help speed up healing (yes, yes and YES!). It also feels really nice and relaxing, kind of like giving yourself a little facial massage (again, yes!).

I also adore my Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller, and yes I am well aware that rolling my face with a pretty pink crystal is a little (or maybe a lot) extra, but I’m extra too so whatever. I’ll admit I am into crystals, but I don’t think that that is what’s important here. I would say it’s more the technique/way you use it that’s going to make a difference. This one is smaller than my HD Roller, and rather than decreasing puffiness, I use it to promote lymphatic drainage (i.e. it helps release toxins and promotes collagen, which keeps your skin lookin’ fresh and youthful). I love using this after I’ve put on a Vitamin C serum to really massage my face and help the serum soak in. It’s also amazing to use over a sheet mask. You can definitely pop this is the fridge or freezer if you like the cold sensation, but in my experience it doesn’t really stay cold once it’s on your face so I usually don’t even bother.

My Review of the Derma Roller System. Ok, if you’re really serious about skincare, this is the ultimate face roller. Like, this is the big girl roller. I received this as a gift from the company, along with their collagen cream and collagen face mask. The roller itself is basically a way to do microneedling at-home (which is awesome because most microneedling services are going to cost you around $250). The roller is made with 200 gamma-sterilized stainless steel needles that you roll all over your face to stimulate blood and collagen production. I don’t think it matters too, too much how you use the roller but the directions say to roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally all over your face or whatever area you are treating. Again, I would recommend doing this for about two minutes, maybe a little less. I use it once per day. Does it hurt? Well, it is spike-y and a tad prickly, so I’d say it does hurt a bit, but you get used to it. Plus, you can obviously control the pressure (not much is needed!) and after using it a few times I definitely got use to it and I kind of enjoyed the feeling… it almost felt like it was working if that makes sense - beauty is pain, right?

According to the website, “the Derma Roller creates tiny microchannels to stimulate and trigger the skin’s natural healing process and increase collagen and elastin production (the two proteins that help make up the structural components of skin).” Using it can help treat fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite, scars (including acne scars) and stretch marks. The roller can be used on your face, neck and body.

I have been using the roller for a couple of weeks now, and I can honestly say that I have seen a difference in my skin. I don’t have any acne scarring or scars on my face, and I don’t think I’m been using it long enough to comment on the improvement of fine lines, but I have seen a huge improvement in how well my products penetrate and work. After using the roller and applying my serums and moisturizer, my skin is literally glowy AF. Like I’m talking fresh face, who dis. I’m looking flawless, I’m feeling myself and I’m into it.

The collagen cream is also great! It’s definitely thicker than a lotion, but lighter than a lot of creams I’ve tried. It has a really light, soft scent and soaked into my skin leaving it smooth and moisturized, but not greasy at all. The collagen face mask was also a treat to try and definitely a great addition to any at-home, self-care pampering (I mean really, who doesn’t love a good sheet mask?).

My final thoughts: The Derma Roller System is a nice (and convenient) way to do microneedling at home. Dermarolling can help with skincare woes (scarring, wrinkles, lines, etc.) but it's also a great way to just boost your skincare regiment, and get your products to absorb/penetrate more effectively. As with any skincare product or tool, I would say consistency is absolutely the key. If you use this once or twice, don’t expect to see a difference. You must be consistent (weekly if not daily) and, overtime, your skin will show results.

So, do you want to try the Derma Roller yourself?



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