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Summer Staples

Summer Staples

Whether it’s a pool day, a summer hike, a weekend getaway, or just a typical summa day, these are all my summer staples. Enjoy!

  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen and ummm sunscreen? To say I am a total sunscreen fanatic is definitely an understatement, but I’m ok with being the sunscreen dork and total mom reminding everyone to lather up. Guys, just do it. Sun protection is serious business and your youthful, sun-spot-free, skin cancer-free future skin will thank me. There are tons and tons of options to choose from with lots of different formulas, different strengths, etc. My personal favs are Suntegrity Skincare - Natural Mineral Sunscreen For Body and Suntegrity Tinted "5 in 1" Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen. I am also obsessed with the Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF Sunscreen Brush. It’s perfect for throwing in a bag and bringing with you so you can reapply throughout the day. Especially awesome for hiking, traveling, being by the pool, etc.

  2. My beloved rose water spray. I do not leave the house without a bottle of this with me and I have no shame spraying my face all day long - wherever, whenever. My go-to brand is Heritage Store because it’s good quality and a good price, too. Also a big fan of the Mario Badescu Travel Size Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. Rose water is a great way to set your makeup or give your skin a boost of hydration anytime you need it. In the summer, it’s also super refreshing when it’s hot out.

  3. Bikinis, duh. Can you even have a summer staples list without some sort of swim attire? I think not. It can be hard to find a good suit that you like and feel comfortable in. Personally, I think it’s worth the extra money to get a really nice one that you love. Frankies and L*Space are hands down my favorite brands.

  4. A girly straw bag. Such a classic, feminine, warm-weather staple. I love a cute crossbody, round, straw bag for day or night. Looks just as great with shorts or a romper as it does with a cute dress or evening look. I just bought this one from Anthropologie and am in love.

  5. Sunnies all the way. I never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses … random tidbit about me, I CANNOT drive if without sunglasses if it’s at all sunny our and it kinda freaks me out when people do it. Anyway, sunglasses are not just for summer but I do think summertime is the perfect time to rock some more playful, fun styles. My Cat Eye Sunglasses in White/Rose Gold from Nordstrom have definitely been my most worn this year, but I also love my Madewell Fest Aviator Sunglasses in Golden Brown.

  6. Protect yo face with a hat, girl! When I was younger I always thought hats were so dorky and lame, and I was always slightly annoyed when my mom insisted I wear one. But somewhere in my late twenties and now thirties I had an epiphany and now I not only accept the hat, I love, appreciate and want to wear a hat. Anyone else feel that way? Or maybe hat styles have just finally gotten cute. I dunno, either way, I love a good hat. For summer, especially, they are not only stylish but functional, too. I love a good baseball hat, Panama hat or straw hat. cute beach towel

  7. Step up your pool game with a floatie. I can’t explain it but once you have a floatie the pool is 100 times more fun. And with all the cute donut, watermelon, unicorn floaties littering the aisles of Target, I couldn’t help but buy one. If you have a pool - or are going to someone else’s pool - bring a floatie. It’s a game-changer.

  8. Haters gonna hate, but I am 100% here for biker shorts. This may be a controversial opinion, but I love biker shorts. There, I said it. They are the ultimate summer staple because they are so dang comfy and easy to wear.

  9. Deodorant to keep ya smellin’ fresh. Don’t be caught without a good smell, all-natural deodorant… especially when those temperatures are rising. I have talked about this serval times but I really do think it’s important to be using an aluminum-free deodorant. Of all the ones I’ve tried Kopari Deodorant has worked best for me. Most of the year I am totally happy with just a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant, but tbh sometimes it’s just too hot and I reach for my beloved Dove. Don’t hate me.

  10. Good tasting hydration. I am always trying to get myself to drink more water, but I am just not the biggest fan. If I have something carbonated or with a little flavor, I am much more apt to drink it. That’s why I always stock my fridge with lots and lots of La Croix and Harmless Harvest Coconut Water (it’s THE BEST coconut water out there).

What are your summer staples?

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