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2018 Favorites: Best Skincare Buys

2018 Favorites: Best Skincare Buys

Best Skincare Products

Today I’m sharing my favorite skincare products from 2018. I’m a bit of skincare junkie and always love trying new products, but I have very sensitive skin so I’m hyper aware of skincare ingredients and what I put on my face. All of these products are things I’ve been using the entire year - and some even longer than that - so they absolutely have my stamp of approval. If you have any must-try products please let me know in the comments below!

Face Rollers
I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical of face rollers when I first heard about them. Could massaging my face with a $30 jade crystal really do anything? Well, my skepticism definitely disappeared when I purchased my first roller after my facial aesthetician recommended applying ice or an ice roller to my face. So, to keep blemishes at bay - or ice a pimple that pops up - I use my Hansderma Skin Cool Ice Roller At-Home for Face and Body Massage every morning and every night for 2 minutes (I just keep it in the freezer and pull it out when I use it). I also use a Rose Quartz Roller to help with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. I use this one once or twice a week. It definitely helps de-puff my face and is incredibly relaxing. If you are new to rollers, I’d recommend the Hansderma Skin Cool Ice Roller At-Home for Face and Body Massage to start with.

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater Spray
No need to buy a setting spray when you have rose water. This works great to set your makeup, tone your skin or offer a quick boost of hydration. Plus it’s all natural and toxic free. Heritage Store if my fav brand because the water is high quality and it’s such a great price point. I keep a bottle at home and one in my purse so I always have it when I need a little refresh any time of day.

Fresh Sugar Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm
I live in Colorado where it’s DRY all year round so having a great lip balm is an absolute must. After trying my fair share of chapsticks and lip balms, this one reigns supreme. It’s a nice, thick consistency so it instantly locks in moisture and delivers long-lasting protection for soft lips. Plus, it smells delightful - just a slight tropical, coconut scent - and it leaves no sticky residue!. This is truly a holy grail item for me, which is why I have about 4 extras in my cabinet at all times.

Face Reality Ultra Gentle Cleanser
Any good skincare regiment starts with a good cleanser. I’ve been using this one, and other products from Face Reality, for almost 8 years now. This is a great everyday, gentle, sulfate- and paraben-free cleanser that works for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone. It’s oil-free and works great to remove makeup and cleanse the skin without drying it out. It runs $21 for a 6 ounce bottle, which usually lasts me several months.

Triple C & E Complex Serum
$50 for a facial serum is on the high end, but this is so worth every penny. I started using this serum after I asked my aesthetician for something to help brighten my skin (dull skin ain’t my thang). Within a few months of using this every morning I actually saw results. This little guy delivers 3 forms of stabilized Vitamins C & E for age fighting skin protection (i.e. sun damage). It improves uneven skin tone/color and redness and smooths lines. It also discourages blackheads and keeps your pores clear and happy. I use about 1 pump every morning, let it soak in and then apply my moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup.

SCBI Stem Cell Facemasks
Face masks are a must for any at-home spa night. I have a few in my rotation, but there’s really nothing like a moisturizing sheet mask to make ya feel pampered. These come in a pack of 4 for $70 and you just rip one open, apply it to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Once removed, you skin feels nourished and hydrated, and will be visibly glowing ! I love to bring these with me when I travel to hydrate my skin post-flight, use before a big event or just any time I feel like treating myself. Pro-tip: do not waste any of the serum that comes out of the pre-packaged masks. I squeeze those things until I get it ALL out and apply any extra to my neck and décolletage, and even my hands and arms.

Suntegrity - "5 in 1" Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen - Tinted - LIGHT
If you want your skin to age well you best be using sunscreen every single day. And IMO, Suntegrity makes the best sunscreen because it’s filled with youth-promoting antioxidants that help to scavenge surface free radicals, and also provides mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection thanks to the non-nano size zinc-oxide which protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. The consistency of this sunscreen is so much better than most other sunscreens on the market - it actually offers moisture and works as a great primer for makeup. It comes tinted - my personal fav - or not. Both formulas are great! If you do want the tinted option, know that the colors run light. I wear the lightest shade (LIGHT), but I don’t get much color from it. Go up a shade if you want more coverage in terms of color.

Kleenex Hand Towels
I know I can be a tad obsessive about my skin, but using a clean towel to dry off your face is so, so important. If you are using the same towel that you and others dry your hands with… ummm, just don’t. If you can, use a truly clean towel to dry your face every single time you wash it. But for me, that’s a lot of towels and a lot of laundry. So I reach for these Kleenex Hand Towels (I know, it’s a little wasteful, but I like clean skin). I keep these in my bathroom, and always dry my face with one. I also take them with me when I travel or if I stay at someone’s house. If you have acne or any skin issues, this is a life - and skin - saver and a real game changer.

Dermaviduals DMS Plutioderm - Plus
I don’t typically use this moisturizer throughout the year because it is a tad pricey, but in the fall and winter months my skin needs it. Some moisturizers just sit on your skin and don’t do much. This isn’t one of those moisturizers. Your skin will literally drink this stuff up and you will see and feel a difference after using it.

Environ Hydrating Clay Masque
Leave on for 10-20 minutes or overnight for a more intense treatment. I’ve gone through several bottles of this mask over the years and while I’ve tried other clay masks, non work as well. If I have a blemish, I ice the area with my face roller and then apply this and my skin is clear. This is gentle and actually hydrating since it contains Vitamin E, but it still keeps your skin clear by absorbing excess oil. No other mask comes close.

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