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2018 Favorites: Best Home Decor

2018 Favorites: Best Home Decor

2018 Home Decor Favorites

Letter Board
After eyeing post after post on Instagram featuring lyrics, quotes and clever phrases displayed on letter boards, I thought it’d be fun to get my own. This is a pretty inexpensive home decor piece. I swap out my phrases usually once a month and have fun trying to come up with (or just steal) a holiday-themed saying or just something cute I want to read each day. It’s also great to have if I’m having guests over (you can display menus or party info really nicely on these).

Diptyque candle in Mimosa
Diptyque candles are my absolute favorite candles. I’ve bought Vanille, Pomander, Roses and Baies, and am currently on my third Mimosa one. Not only do I love the way they smell, but the bottles are quite lovely so I always up-cycle them once they are burned through. I keep them mostly for bathroom-type things like to keep makeup brushes or Q-tips in, but they also look great as a flower vase or to hold pencils, change, knick-knacks, whatever.

Amazon Echo
I’ll be the first to admit I was pretty apprehensive about the whole smart-speaker thing, but since receiving this as a Christmas gift last year, I’ve been hooked! Alexa is my go-to DJ and cooking timer (I’ll admit, it was fun to ask her the weather or silly questions, but mostly it’s my music speaker now). You can easily play hours and hours of music, switching between artists and albums without having to move a finger. Living in a small space, I also appreciate how sleek and space-saving the design truly is. 10/10 would recommend!

Boob Bath Mat
Who doesn’t want to be greeted my some cute boobies on the floor? I’m definitely into it. I actually think this mat is super cute and playful without being tacky. I’d say it qualifies as some art for your bathroom floor. I’ve had it for months and it also washes up well.

Miele Vacuum
If having a vacuum on your list of favorite products isn’t adulting… then damn, I don’t know what is. This bad boy really is worth raving about. It’s compact (again, I live in a small space, so that’s important), it’s lightweight (so easy to move from room to room) and it works great on my hardwood, tiles and carpet. I’m a neat freak for sure so I use this daily and I just don’t know what else to say. I love it. It’s awesome. Great purchase!

Antique Pewter Basket with Copper Handles
I use this in my living room to keep my extra blankets and throws in, and I can’t believe the number of people who have commented/asked where it was from. I love the copper handles as an accent and because it’s wire you can actually see what you’ve stored in it. Works great for blankets, pillows, toys, laundry or anything else you want to easily store in something that counts as decor (who says you have to choose style OR function, eh?).

Smeg KLF03CRUS 50's Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle
Someone show me a more stylish electric kettle. Seriously. As an avid tea-drinker, I’ve gone through my fair share of teapots and electric kettles and none of them come close to this beaut. She’s a keeper! And I’ll be honest.. at about $140 this is definitely the most I’ve ever spent on a kettle, but you really get what you pay for and this one is worth it. It’s made to last (I’ve had some that were $20, but stopped working after a couple months or a year), and it looks so cute on my kitchen counter. I bought mine in cream because I’m not into too much color, but it comes in an array so ya got some options. Now I’m just eyeing the Smeg toaster. (pssst… my birthday is coming up. Just sayin’).

I never thought I’d say this but Roku is better than Apple TV. As a die-hard Apple fan, that was hard for me to swallow (and to type) but I’m all about spreading the truth and this is in fact true. It’s also cheaper and smaller. Yeah, it’s good. I like mine. I actually like both of mine. I have one in my living room and one in my bedroom so I can start binge watching something early in the evening and then easily continue while falling in sleep. #blessed

Crate&Barrel White Serving Tray
A classic box tray is a decor staple. Not only can you use it as a tray (breakfast in bed, anyone?), but it is the PERFECT way to organize things on a table. I keep mine on my coffee table and put my coasters, candy dish, remotes and usually flowers on it. I love the minimal design and bright white aesthetic, and it’s incredibly convenient to be able to just pick it up and clear my table when ever I need to.

French Kitchen Marble Utensil Holder
You can never have enough marble, especially in the kitchen (and bathroom and bedroom and living room). This little guy is wide and tall enough to hold multiple utensils and it’s purdy. I bought mine in the store instead of ordering, which I do recommend because the coloring and veining of the marble varies quite a bit.

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