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2018 Favorites: Best *Healthy* Eats

2018 Favorites: Best *Healthy* Eats

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
It felt like Collagen Peptides were the thing to start taking in 2018, so of course your girl was on board to give ‘em a whirl and see what all the fuss was about. I started incorporating this into my morning routine around the end of May, and after two months of taking it consistently my nails started growing like CRAZY and they were super strong despite consistent gel manicures. My hair also looked and felt really healthy even after coloring it for the first time. I like the unflavored variety (the creamer is also really good) and I just add a scoop to my morning cup of coffee. I did a full review of this collagen here if you’re interested.

Inner Eco Tropical Coconut Water Kefir
In addition to keeping your gut healthy, probiotics also improve circulation, increase energy levels, reduce the occurrence of yeast infections, support a healthy weight, boost your immunity and improve appearance of your skin. That’s a lot! I always take a serving in the morning and not only does it taste great, I really do feel and see the difference.

adora Calcium Supplement
Who doesn’t want an excuse to eat chocolate? I actually eat one of these every morning with my coffee and I tell myself it’s ok because it’s my calcium supplement. Each chocolate contains 500 mg of calcium (50% of your daily need) plus 500 IU of vitamin D (125% of your daily intake), which is key because in order for your body to absorb calcium it needs to be combined with Vitamin D. I take two a day so I’m getting my chocolate fix AND keepin’ my bones strong.

Better Bites Cake Balls
At 130 to 140 calories a pop, these little guys almost seem too good to be true. They taste moist, rich and decadent, but are made without gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy. I don’t know how they do it, but I think it’s witchcraft. I like to switch between the chocolate and vanilla flavors and let them reach room temperature before I enjoy (they come refrigerated).

Hail Merry Cookie Dough Bites
Bold statement, but these might be my absolute favorite thing in my fridge. They are soft, doughy, slightly chewy and really just taste like straight up cookie dough. Because they’re made with maple syrup, almond flour, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, coconut oil, vanilla and Celtic sea salt (i.e. REALLY CLEAN INGREDIENTS) I’m going to go ahead and label them as healthy - or at least waaaaay healthier than most sweet treats.

Perrier Lime, Slim Cans
I’m all about La Croix, but Perrier (to me) is the OG. Growing up, my mom always bought this and after going through a four-year La Croix phase, I’m back to Perrier. I think it tastes better, maybe because it’s naturally occurring carbonation or maybe because it’s French. I dunno why and I don’t really care. But they’ve jumped on the flavor bandwagon and have lots to choose from now, too. Lime is my fav. Oh, and the slim cans are très cute!

Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend
This makes everything better. Once you buy a bottle you’ll be hooked. I like to add it to my avocado toast, sprinkle it on my eggs (it’s also amazing in egg salad) and tastes really good with rice cakes as a quick snack (just spread a little coconut oil on there, sprinkle some seasoning and enjoy). The only bad thing about this is that it sells out so I usually have to order a few to keep my cabinet stocked.

365 Everyday Value, Organic Reduced Fat & Low Sodium Popcorn
My name is Sarah Goode and I have a popcorn problem. It’s just so satisfying, which is weird to me because I’m not usually a salty person but I love me some buttery, salty popcorn. I do have an air popper that I love, but when i just want an easy (i.e. lazy) snack, I reach for this. I’ve tried all the brands - SkinnyPop, Lesser Evil, Boom Chika, etc. - but this one is the best. It’s buttery without being greasy and the kernels are fluffy with that perfect crunch. I think I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi
I’m a chocolate fan for sure and I like to have healthy sweet treats around my house so i can treat myself and not feel guilty. I like it even better when those treats are a) portion controlled and b) have added health benefits. This drink checks both of those boxes. These are basically guilt-free hot chocolate mixes that come in a box as individual packets, so all ya gotta do is rip one open and add it to hot water or milk. I like to use cashew milk and add a little honey for sweetness (these are not sweet). These make a great evening snack because reishi has been shown to help support sleep and stress. Sweet dreams!

REBBL Reishi Cold-Brew Unsweetened Coffee
I like to have a caffeinated beverage every afternoon, especially when I’m at work. I don’t necessarily feel my energy drop (I’d say I’m a high-energy gal), but more so I just enjoy the ritual of having that afternoon pick-me-up. Of the REBBL drinks, I’ve had the Turmeric Golden Milk, Matcha Latte, Ashwagandha Chai, Maca Mocha, Maca Cold-Brew and Reishi Cold-Brew. All are amazing and I usually like to buy a variety, but the Reishi Cold-Brew is my number one pick. They are all dairy-free and contain Adaptogens, which are healing plants that help balance, restore and protect our bodies.

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